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In this example, you send an avatar name to the blockchain API, which responds with the data queried in the code.

Enter a name. For instance ned, steemwiki, or afrog.

Why a Tiki-Steem Marriage?

1. Elevator Pitch

Attention free publishers!

Now it’s getting tight for the last independent newspapers! Native Digitale have long since grown up, have purchasing power and the major publishers are far from being satisfied.

The circulation has been declining for years and you have already tried so much? Let’s be honest - paper is yesterday. We are attached to the past, but have to think economically. Young people read displays. That’s where he pays. In principle, it’s over with paper to throw away. But your publishing house is not a thing of the past, on the contrary. You could grow solidly again. With a blockchain for media. Your local colour still counts and Home news is never from yesterday.

Bring back the readers with a SteemTiki!

Content-Trade - New player soon in the gamel!

2. Publishers, blockchain for media and a new marketplace for authors

<br />

Paper industry and the native digitals<br />

We are digital - you love Oldschool
We are digital - you love Oldschool

Bild Quelle Pixabay (cache)<br />
<br />

Under this domain a marketplace is created<br />

Not just any content, not just any marketplace. It is about content from authors who acquired their copyright by depositing Steem works on the blockchain. For this they were paid by an algorithm driven by reader voting. The authors already earned on the blockchain. There is nothing left for them to get. Dr Steem offers no functions for postproduction. SteemWiki is supposed to run content trading and a wide range of services.<br />
<br /> Large, professional range, photographers and artists<br /> On the steem curators find quality!<br /> At SteemWiki you get in touch with the authors, their products, as well as their and their special blockchain service. In SteemWiki you can conclude exclusive contracts with authors, buy a contribution for your feature section, or simply have inexpensive commissioned content produced for your next column. Which can also be monetised immediately as Steem content. This plays a part in the production costs. The technical range of Steem authors extends across all categories. No matter in which genre a customer produces, there are always good articles on the Steem. At least you will find an author who will write away everything you need to write for a handful of STEEM (coin of the blockchain). We don’t want to start raving about the many excellent artists, graphic artists and photographers who constantly produce Steem content. But it’s not profit alone. A blockchain for media creates much more.<br />
<br /> We are blockchain specialists.<br />

new technology - new possibilities<br />

This means that you earn money immediately with the first block chaining contact. If you want, and if we do our job well, you can monetize your own content to make up part of its production costs. This only works with a media blockchain. Before your product is seen by any of your print readers, the earning starts on the blockchain. Our IT experts will show you how it works. All you need to know is that the blockchain was designed for you, for media! Invite our specialists! Let us explain your new BlockchainWorld to you!<br />
<br /> The last free regional Newspapers earn indirectly. __<br />

the regional news – heart of the homeland<br />

The subscribers are breaking away, and that’s not new. Your product may already be freely distributed anyway and you live exclusively from the advertisement. But the time of the digital world is also gnawing at the budget. Through the blockchain Steem it is worth writing again. The blockchain pays for content! As misterious as it may sound, this is no snowball game, no fake and not even a hype anymore. It’s simply the stock market value of the new technology, which has been thought very cleverly. Your newspaper was one of the heart chambers of the region. Today, purchasing power is staring into the mobile. You need a real blockbuster to get back into your heart. The blockchain for the media can do that. So invite a Steem analyst!<br />
<br /> <br />
<br /> For large publishers and homeland news alike<br />

Service!<br />

From IT consulting for major publishers of local news. IT specialists from the Steem community #deutsch provide advice. We adjust our daily rate to the economic strength of the interested parties. Download our speakers. An entire job market could develop around the blockchain. We are pioneers and will introduce you with expert knowledge. Just one example: Forums play an important role in the new loyalty and profit concept for media. Have you already noticed that your regular readers are involved in many forums? Why don’t you have one? If you already maintain a forum, why is it so restrictive? Because forums are expensive. We put new solutions on the table!<br />
<br /> Blockchain solutions are fascinating.<br />

source of finance<br />

The Steem has been around for three years and the Blockchain produces its currency, The Blockchain runs stable, but completely underchallenged. Because it hasn’t really been able to open up to publishers and content creators yet. We claim to be able to overcome the last barrier with a Tiki and build the Steem access for small and large publishers, as well as other content producing organizations. We promise a barrier-free post on the Steem. Votes are cast by producers of quality content with bots (“Bot” is derived from “robot”, independently working computer program), you enjoy the Steem without any additional burden on the workflow.<br />
<br /> We’ll show you ways to lure readers into your Internet part of the old home newspaper.<br />

new ways<br />

The readers and new bloggers will come voluntarily. Guaranteed and investments are also hardly necessary. They are marginal, relative to the potential prospect of profit. In the near future, the Wiki part of our site will provide all the knowledge that is important for media professionals in the context of handling and their blockchain. In SteemWiki pioneers of Steem work. They have recognized how media can be conveniently integrated into blockchain processes without unduly burdening the workflow.<br />
<br /> In the course of this construction site the Blockchain Steem explains itself.<br />

marketplace for authors<br />

Your publisher will also see our site grow as it becomes a content marketplace. Our first Steem authors are just about to enter the Versiuch Setup. They are Labor-Steemians, Bloggers, funny called Crash Test Dummies. All capable authors, so-called Gems, whose blog has been a lot of fun for years and transports information. They just arrived from Steem, the blockchain for media. Now they are romping around in our IT technical experimental setup, the SteemWiki, helping to develop the marketplace for authors, curators, editors, translators and content. The authors sacrifice their spare time to advance the Steem. Without the participation of the media, this can reach a maximum of five percent of its capacity. This is expressed acuh in the stock market price. There is still a lot of room for improvement. The blockckain for media needs media and the media needs its blockchain! They just don’t know it yet. All branches of industry that produce and trade content can look around here.<br />
<br /> Steem matter seems complex. But behind it all are pragmatic thoughts<br />

publishers - newspapers and readers<br />

Thoughts derived from algorithms of a blockchain for media, the Steem. After two years of field research on a blockchain for media, we would like to present how a print medium can be brought into the paperless present and how one can position oneself there with good prospects. The Blockchain Steem is a suitable means to economically survive the time of conversion to digital media. Accept the facts and discover our promising concept.<br />
<br /> The Steem is driven by a perfect algorithm to monetize content.<br />

blockchain for media<br />

Do you produce content in the context of a newspaper? This is your profession, but it is not necessarily tied to a supplier from the paper industry. You don’t have to set up a paywall between the reader and the content. Your readers are not used to that. Perhaps you even run a freely distributed newspaper that can still be run with pure advertiser power? But relaxation looks different.<br />
<br /> Authors can also find the Steem via the SteemWiki.<br />

authors<br />

If you want to become a SteemWiki author, you will immediately get free access to the Steem from us and the Wiki for questions on how to use it, we are anyway. All you have to do is prove a certain quality in writing or photographing. Painters, hobbyists, craftsmen, engineers. Scientist, cook, gardener - whatever you are. If you are interesting, you may distribute your content via the SteemWiki. If you let a lecturer participate, he will write the text for you. The SteemWiki has curators, editors, translators, IT developers, shamans, mathematicians, musicians, financial experts and coin enthusiasts to offer. You just don’t notice it yet.<br />
<br />

die in publishing<br />

No nostalgia requirements, no open day with bouncy castle, beer and sausages from the grill will help.<br /> The circulation is shrinking. That doesn’t stop either. In such a serious situation, only new methods can help. Mobile technology is causing newspaper and magazine publishers to lose their traditional readership. We want to present to you an extraordinarily promising, in principle free of charge method, with which - dramatically exaggerated - a sinking can pull itself at the own hair from the swamp. Yes, it sounds almost dubious, like Doctor Eisenbart and Münchhausen, but we assure you that we have such a promising, legal concept at our disposal to monetize your own content. We want to see your publishing house back at the centre of regional life, get your readers back and there is now an ancient trick for that. Your tradition and connection to the hearts of the region is actually worth more than a per capita package according to estimates by Schnappreflxe and Großverlag.<br />
<br />

worth more<br />

Paper is expensive in the long run as displays.<br /> We advise to use the blessings of the blockchain for media. It not only stores content and thus provides it with the copyright of the keyholder. The media bockchain has algorithms to monetize any content. The paper business is coming to an end and is becoming a branch event. Nobody will stop it anymore. Local news needs modern media and already they are back in the game. Native digital media are only pragmatic. What works on the mobile doesn’t have to be created and disposed of. Let’s be honest: the step to move publishing music into the digital realm is long overdue. With the blockchain for media, they are setting a new attraction that none of your local users will be able to avoid. You may just be deciding to sell your family’s legacy to a major publisher at a per capita advertising price. At least listen to our concept. We are looking for a publisher who participates in our political project. Invite us!<br />
<br />

and the blues goes on<br />

By habit, the budget of regular advertisers is safe again.<br /> This year. They feel how it is getting more and more difficult and know it. The customer knows it. That won’t work for long. An optimistic view into a prospering future looks different. You think more and more about selling your newspaper. The big ones are also literally running into you. Only a few publishing houses have not yet disappeared into the advertising bookstore of the big publishers. They are currently purchasing the last independent publishers in order to serve as advertising power for the very large budgets. Your house urgently needs a new strategy or - you go down with flying flags. The blockchain for media can actually solve most of their problems.<br />
<br />

modern means<br />

You produce content. Press photos, articles, comments. We know how the blockchain reliably remunerates you for this.<br /> Ask for our Steem-Consultants. There are concepts for their success, even before they have sold a single newspaper, they earn on an article. But the whole edition is still in print. Success continues as you sell the issue. Seven days long, and you haven’t been selling this issue’s paper for a long time, the money is collected on the Steem. It’s a success that will even grow exponentially with newspaper sales if you explain the Steem to your readers. You will play new games and seek entertainment that can be found through the Steem at your site. For this you have to introduce your readers to the blockchain matter, which will spread epidemically. Do it with muse and wit. Write perhaps that the reader with its Blockchain account gets a kind of modern discount and collecting booklet to the hand. There he can earn money with letters to the editor and forum contributions. Even with comments and a reader on the blockchain earn money. They are the press and suffer! Let us finally help you! Such a Blockchaiun is a great, tempting playground for modern ideas.<br />
<br />

digitize newspapers<br />

Explain the attractions of a Blockchain to your readers! You are still sitting at the source in your region!<br /> The readers will be happy to follow you. IT-savvy people will understand and tear the new coin game out of your hands, that no Spel is at all, only in such a way works. Readers can earn money by voting alone. That is new! Letters to the editor about which is voted, that is also new. Shutstorm? No report! Who earns money by post, remains always friendly. While your editorial staff can control all actions gently via the Tiki and the editorial part.<br />

The PluginFADE

3. Example of a plugin

Plugins are the most commonly used means in tiki syntax to display more complex things outside the relatively simple text markup. Javscript.methods are also often used, the code of which no user has to worry about. The only thing a Tiki user has to worry about is using the appropriate Plugin parameters. With the PluginFADE the following Doodle can be displayed.
Example Pictures (l.t.r.): Steem Logo – Steem Monsters – Help File Upload
Example Picture: Steem Logo Example Picture: Steem Monsters Example Picture: File Upload
Happy Function -Style by Tiki-Syntax.

The Code for a Tiki-Doodle:

{FADE(label="Click for a typical Tiki 'Doodle'" icon="y" bootstrap="y")}{CENTER()}Example Pictures (l.t.r.): Steem Logo – Steem Monsters – Help File Upload%%%{img fileId="11" thumb="box" alt="Example Picture: Steem Logo"}{img fileId="12" thumb="box" alt="Example Picture: Steem Monsters"}{img fileId="13" thumb="box" alt="Example Picture: File Upload"}%%%Happy Function -Style by Tiki-Syntax.{CENTER}{FADE}

In the help of Tiki.org you can learn more about the Plugin FADE. Each parameter for Plugins is covered in the descriptions of the Tiki.org. There are so many Plugins that nobody wants to count them. Be careful, the link loads so long because the list is really long!

What the Steem can do

Unbeatable in combination

A Tiki with Steem connection has advantages for many people and opportunities: “Footprint” of the Blockchain Steem is that it registers content with the algorithms of the Proof of Brain (PoB) and monetarizes it from this moment on. Certain procedures and user techniques lead to the fact that submitted content is ideally remunerated with the coins STEEM and STEEMDOLLAR (SBD). This makes the Steem a blockchain for media whose object is content. A SteemWiki connects the Steem with the interests of its preferred user groups. These are content producers, content buyers, as well as their entire environment and the Steem authors. It doesn’t matter how professional a Wiki user is. Anyone can draw added value from it.

Steem, Tiki and Dummy

Just arrived? At the top, the horizontal menu says for you:Help!

Looking for Steemit FAQ? Here it is!




Vote for the Chiller!

Steemchiller ist developer of the Steemworld
Steemchiller ist developer of the Steemworld

And on Sunday to the Pub!

Vote for double-u. He* s zhe innkeeper of the only Steem-pub.
Vote for double-u. He* s zhe innkeeper of the only Steem-pub.

Many new terms

What is a SteemWiki?

  • It will be a Condenser__, like the other tools that provide users with standard functions of a blockchain.
  • But there are many more functions that each Tiki brings along.
  • Wikis impart knowledge. The word became a synonym for Lexikon, Almanach, or Enzyklopädie at the latest since the appearance of Wikipedia. A SteemWiki is a collection of knowledge about the Blockchain Steem and related topics.
  • The Tiki is danced by islanders of the South Seas when they are happy. The jump target My Tiki in the System Menu, is personal area of the SW users. There they develop their own offer on the new marketplace for content. The SteemTiki offers, besides all the content functions, a very personal internet presence for every user with authorization status Autor.

In a Tiki (Steem-Tiki) specialized in Steem functions, not only the media economy will become a blockchain. Each of the over millions of Tiki users will have a realistic chance to monetize new content. Since March 2016, there have been many wonderful authors on the Steem who offer quality content. Due to the high quality of Steembloggers, media will reliably accept the SteemWiki as a content marketplace. The project SteemTiki exists since 12 December 2018 and is in beta stage. Therefore it is reserved exclusively for Steem users (quality authors) who are invited by our curators. These authors develop our marketplace. The registration for all Steem users (Steemians) will come soon. Until then we ask all those who are rejected at the door of the project for sympathetic understanding and patience.

The Wikiquette

One of the outstanding features of the Blockchain Steem is that it reliably protects the copyright for content. Only original content is placed on the Steem. Because the storage on the Steem is causally linked to the ownership claim, foreign material must be referenced (reference!). If this does not happen, the relevant content is marked by the bot Cheetah, which significantly reduces the prospect of rewards. Therefore we take the referencing of foreign material very seriously and control it in SteemWiki as well. Explicit copyright notices in connection with own material are just as superfluous in SteemWiki as on Steem.

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