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Here you search for a Steem Avatar to collect some of his data from the Blockchain.

Name i.e. ned, steemwiki oder afrog!

This domain is used to create a

marketplace for quality content

Not just any content and any new marketplace. The “commodity” is content from authors who acquired their copyright by depositing works on the blockchain Steem and were paid for them by an algorithm driven by the readers’ vote. On the blockchain they were already earning money with their work. In SteemWiki the postproduction is supposed to run, because on the blockchain the content is worth nothing anymore. In steemWiki you get in contact with authors and their products, as well as with special blockchain services. You can conclude exclusive contracts in SteemWiki, buy a contribution for your feature section, or simply have inexpensive order content produced for your next column, which is also monetized immediately as Steem content. The professional range of Steem authors extends across all your categories. No matter in which genre you produce.
Das Plugin FADE

sample imageer (vlnr.): Deutsches Goldschmiedehaus, Hanau – Lokal politics in Bruchkoebel – What seahorses think?

Happy Function -Style by Tiki-Syntax.

The code to the Doodle is kept very simple:

{FADE(label="How does this Tiki 'Doodle' work?" icon="y" bootstrap="y")}{CENTER()}sample imageer (vlnr.): Deutsches Goldschmiedehaus, Hanau – Lokal politics in Bruchkoebel – What seahorses think?%%%{img fileId="11" thumb="box" alt="sample image: Deutsches Goldschmiedehaus, Hanau"} {img fileId="12" thumb="box"  alt="sample image: Lokal politics in Bruchkoebel"}{img fileId="13" thumb="box" alt="sample image: What seahorses think?"}%%%Happy Function -Style by Tiki-Syntax.{CENTER}{FADE}

New technology - new possibilities

You work with blockchain specialists. This means that you earn money immediately with the first Steem contact. If you want and if we do our job well. Drive in a part of the production costs by monetizing your own content. This only works with a blockchain for media. However, our goals are much more ambitious than just profit. Before your product has been seen by any of your print readers, the blockchain starts earning money. Our IT experts will show you how it works. __You have to know that - because the blockchain was built for media! Invite our specialists. Let us explain your new Blockchain world to you.

The heart! The home!

Many provincial newspapers, if they still exist at all, earn only indirectly. The subscribers break away and this is not new. Your product may already be freely distributed anyway and you live exclusively from the advertisement. But the time of the digital world is also gnawing at the budget. By the Blockchain Steem it is worthwhile itself again to write. The blockchain pays for content! As misterious as it may sound, this is no snowball game, no fake and not even a hype anymore. It’s simply the stock market value of the new technology, which has been thought very cleverly. Your newspaper was one of the heart chambers of the region. Today, purchasing power is staring into the mobile. You need a real blockbuster to get back into your heart. The blockchain for media can do that. Invite a Steem analyst!

Coins - terrible strangers!

Then you deserve coins! That’s cash! Yes, out of nowhere of the digital miracle. But more interesting is the discussion on how to get your readers away from Facebook and back home. With our Steem analysts this will be done quickly. Your readers will settle down with you again, feel comfortable, exchange ideas and everyone knows the troll in the place. The Steem_ is a suitable medium for lasting friendliness and the number is very simple. Who is unpleasant, earns worse. Money clearly shows a socially regulative character, which is inherent in it anyway. In this case not completely unwelcome. The algorithm for the monetization of content seems multi-layered and extremely interesting.


From IT consulting for major publishers to the regionnal news, IT specialists from the Steem community #deutsch provide advice. We adjust our daily rate to the economic strength of the interested parties. Download our speakers. An entire job market could develop around the blockchain. We are pioneers and will introduce you with expert knowledge. Just one example: Forums play an important role in the new loyalty and profit concept for media. Have you already noticed that your regular readers are involved in many forums? Why don’t you have one? If you already maintain a forum, why is it so restrictive? Because forums are expensive. We put new solutions on the table! Blockchain solutions are fascinating.

Finance source!

The Steem has been around for three years and the Blockchain runs stable, completely underchallenged. Because it hasn’t really opened up to publishers and content creators yet. We claim to have overcome the last barrier. We are building a SteemTiki for small and large publishers. Barrier-free posting on the Steem. We have bot-specialists (“Bot” is derived from “robot”, independently working computer program), when a publisher finally uses his forum as a strategic tool. They don’t even have to vote for themselves. the bot does.

New ways!

We show ways. How to draw your readers to the Internet part of the old home newspaper. How they do it voluntarily. Investment? Slightly in relation to the potential prospect of profit. In the near future, the Wiki part of our site will convey all the knowledge that is important for media professionals in connection with handling and their blockchain. In SteemWiki pioneers of Steem work. They have recognized how media can be conveniently integrated into blockchain processes without unduly burdening the workflow.

Marketplace for authors

We will reliably explain the Blockchain Steem to you in the course of this construction site. Your publisher will also see our site grow as it becomes a content marketplace. Our first Steem authors are just about to arrive in the Versiuch Setup. They are Labor-Steemians, Bloggers, funny called Crash Test Dummies. All capable authors, so-called Gems, whose blog has been a lot of fun for years and transports information. They just arrived from Steem, the blockchain for media. Now they are romping around in our IT technical experimental setup, the SteemWiki, helping to develop the marketplace for authors, curators, editors, translators and content. The authors sacrifice their spare time to advance the Steem__. Without the participation of the media, this can reach a maximum of five percent of its capacity. This is expressed acuh in the stock market price. There is still a lot of room for improvement. The blockckain for media needs media and the media needs its blockchain! They just don’t know it yet. All branches of industry that produce and trade content can look around here.


On the domain the quality authors @chriddi (cache), @w74 (cache), @kadna (cache), @vieanna (cache), @williamhenderson, @michaelcharles (cache), @leroy.linientreu and @afrog (cache) test and work. For those who are not yet satisfied with the concentrated competence, we would like to introduce @t3ran13 (cache), the developer of our first PHP library. He has generously promised his help. And if that’s not enough: Behind us is Tiki.org. Chief executive Marc Laporte has presented the frog with a work list. We will certainly fall back on all help. Steemians among themselves, pulling together and the Tiki.org. What more do we need? You all belong to the pond now. I only say CoreTeam! Shareholders through participation. Share in what? Share in the STW token. The Tiki also has a voting system and a coin distribution. Yes, hard to believe, but true! That’s how modern it is. We even have an API. No, not that of the Steem. The API in the Tiki! Right now our biggest problem is that I’m an analyst and not an administrator.

Publisher - Newspapers and paper

Steem matter seems complex, but behind it are quite pragmatic thoughts derived from algorithms of a blockchain for media, the Steem. After two years of field research on the blockchain for media, we now present publishers how they can bring their newspapers into a paperless future and position them there with promising prospects.
There are tried and tested means to survive the slow transition from paper to digital economically. Accept this fact and take a close look! There are promising concepts. But they don’t penetrate your ear, because corporations want to have their readers. If possible, at half the price per capita. The blockchain Steem has a perfect algorithm to monetize content. You produce content in the context of a newspaper? This is your job, but not necessarily tied to a supplier from the paper industry. You don’t have to set up a paywall between reader and content. Your readers are not used to that. Perhaps you even run a freely distributed newspaper that can still be run with pure advertiser power? But relaxation looks different.


Authors can also find the Steem via the SteemWiki. If you want to become a SteemWiki author, you get immediately free access to the Steem from us and the Wiki for questions how to use it, we are anyway. All you have to do is prove a certain quality in writing or photographing. Painters, hobbyists, craftsmen, engineers. Scientist, cook, gardener - whatever you are. If you are interesting, you may distribute your content via the SteemWiki. If you let a lecturer participate, he will write the text for you. The SteemWiki has curators, editors, translators, IT developers, shamans, mathematicians, musicians, financial experts and coin enthusiasts to offer. You just don’t notice it yet.

Attention free publishing houses

Now it becomes however narrowly! The native digitals are grown up long ago.
Their circulation has been declining for years and you have already tried so much? Are we honest - paper is from yesterday. We hang on to the past, but miss economic thinking. In principle, it’s all over with newspapers. But this is not yesterday’s news - on the contrary, it remains solid: That’s local colour and local news.

Nostalgia in technology!

No nostalgia requirements, no open day with games, beer and bratwurst will help. In such a serious situation, only new methods can help. There are new threats, due to new technology to lose its readership. We would like to present you with an extraordinarily promising method that is basically free of charge, which - dramatically exaggerated - allows a sinking person to pull himself out of the swamp by his own tuft. We know it sounds dubious, almost like Doctor Eisenbart, but we assure you that we have a promising concept to re-position you and your publishing house at the centre of regional life! Don’t throw your money out the window! Your tradition and connection to the hearts of the region can actually be worth more than a per capita lump sum according to advertising industry estimates and snap reflexes from major publishers.

Paper is worth more!

More than just displays? Maybe. It’s also expensive. We advise you to use the blessings of the blockchain for media. Not only does it store content, it also has algorithms to monetize it. The paper business is coming to an end and is becoming a sector event. Your news needs an up-to-date framework. Nobody who wants to hold a paper newspaper in their hands likes that. But the native digitals are quite pragmatic. What works on the mobile doesn’t have to be carried around, or even disposed of. This banality breaks down traditional business concepts, which not only has a catastrophic effect on an entire economic sector, but also on the ecological balance sheet. That is far from banal. Let’s be honest: this step was long overdue! And now you may be deciding to sell off your family’s legacy at a per-reader price. At least listen to our concept. Our pilot publishing house, if it is poor and miserable enough, gets us for very little money. Promised.

And the Blues goes on

Even your advertisers are unsure whether your newspaper is still the right place for advertisements. You may get the budget again out of habit. It’s getting harder and harder. You know it, your customer knows it: It won’t last long. This is not a healthy basis for an optimistic view of the future. So think more and more about selling your newspaper. The big ones are literally running into you. Only a few publishing houses are not yet in the grip of the big publishers. They are currently collecting the last independent publishers and are becoming an advertising power for the very big budgets. You urgently need a new strategy or - you give up! a blockchain for media can solve your problems. Prove us the opposite!

Modern means!

They produce content. Press photos, articles, comments. We know how the blockchain reliably compensates you for this. Ask for our Steem-Consultants. There are concepts for their success even before they have sold a single newspaper. The circulation is still in print. Success that lasts while you sell the issue. For seven days. You haven’t been selling this issue’s paper for a long time, and then you’re paid for it. It’s a success that will even grow exponentially with newspaper sales if you explain the steem to your readers. Play games and entertain. All you have to do is introduce the readers to the blockchain material. Do it slowly. With muse and wit. Write perhaps that the reader gets a new kind of discount booklet by the hand. There he can earn money with letters to the editor. Even with comments and forum participation the reader can earn money. Do not write Coin or Blockchain. “Hereby you receive your electronic discount booklet - at the same time a profit booklet. Everybody can imagine something under it - you are the press! Let yourself finally times what invade. Such a Blockchaiun is a big, tempting playground for good ideas.

Prepare for tomorrow, native digital!

Consumers already have purchasing power and you still print on paper?
That’s where the offer and the clientele diverge! Publishers in need are currently selling their newspapers for advertising per reader. That’s not very lavish, what you get for your own traditional newspaper from the big ones.

Digitalize newspapers and you simply continue to run your business as you did yesterday?

Explain the new attraction of your newspaper to your readers! You are sitting at the source! The readers follow you. IT-savvy people will understand and forgive you the “discount booklet”. Readers can earn STEEM with their votes alone. You write letters to the editor and participate in the forum and the editorial staff can control it. Our Steem consultants will be happy to give you tips and hints during the introduction phase. You can start blockchain-related competitions or distribute Wal-Votes among the readers. As a main prize, for example. Depending on how high your investment in the crypto currency STEEM is, you can win 400 to 600 Euros! Your newspaper will become more attractive and readers will be attracted to the online offer.

Every reader finds this at least exciting

Your SteemWiki writes here about financial success. First and foremost. The Blockchain Steem was built for media. More than 15000 Witnesses are waiting to put their content on the Steem! Here it is reliably monetized.


Our concepts will awaken the locust in you. It is your blockchain! But you haven’t noticed it yet. Periodic print media can even integrate your readership into the concept. The advertising value per reader? It will be an extra if you use the blockchain for media intelligently. You can get your blockchain consultant at SteemWiki. Simply send an e-mail to info at steemqwiki.org. The blockchain for media is already approaching! Our people live near you. We train. We are a Wiki.

Added value

What’s the point of the steem? First, the Steem vouches for your intellectual property. The content belongs to the keyholder. The content has seven days in which it can be voted on. This is where the first monetization takes place, which is paid out in STEEM and SBD.

You can insert the pictures via the Tiki Editor. or they are already in your gallery (Menu>Darteiarchive). You need the ID of the picture! Position the cursor where you want the image to appear, click on the image icon in the Tikieditor and a window from the gallery will open. You can use it to upload your image from your home directory (File Explorer), for example, or look in the file manager to see which image ID you want to insert (right in the line of an image, the green dot!). If you place several pictures next to each other, the modal view of the zoom box will automatically create a slideshow.

Erfahre mehr über das Plugin FADE !CACHE (cache). Wenn du wissen willst, welche Parameter in die Klammer noch hinein können und was die vorhandenen sonst noch tun, suchst Info zu einem Plugin. Es gibt so viele Plugins (cache), dass sie niemand zählen mag. Vorsicht, der Link lädt lang. weil die Liste so lang ist!

Was der Steem tut

Blockchain für Medien

„Fußabdruck“ der Blockchain Steem ist, dass sie mit den Algorithmen des Proof of Brain (PoB), Content registriertriert und ab diesm Moment monetarisiert. Gewisse Verfahren und Anwendertechniken führen dazu, dass eingereichter Content idealerweise mit den Coins STEEM und STEEMDOLLAR (SBD) vergütet wird. Dadurch wird der Steem zur idealen Blockchain für Medien, deren Handelsgut Content ist. Das SteemWiki verbindet den Steem mit den Interessen seiner bevorzugten Nutzergruppen. Das sind Medien, ihr gesamtes Umfeld und die Steem-Autoren. Dabei spielt es keine Rolle, wie professionell ein Wiki-Nutzer ist. Jeder kann Mehrwert daraus ziehen.

Im Verbund unschlagbar

Ein Tiki mit Steemanschluss birgt Vorteile für viele Menschen und Gelegenheiten:

  • The Wiki trains (in the future)
  • Authors, journalists, photographers, artists, shamans receive a marketplace.
Quite apart from the specialists nman on the Steem finds entertaining chess lessons, as well as practice from the flight simulator, meditation consultation and music, gambling, card game, lotteries, auctions and much more.
  • Developers (Blockchain, SQL, Javascript and PHP) will see the Tiki with completely new eyes. This is not a monolith, a heavy, old lady. The Tiki is rather the Arabian among the thoroughbred horses. It was created for content. in all its phenomena.
  • Curators find a blooming meadow of new authors. Yes, they can even build them.
  • Editors should always be able to earn a few STEEM on a content marketplace.
  • Translators in a tiki for over 40 languages? No question remains unanswered.
  • Bloggers, letter writers, forum users, regular readers of a newspaper are involved, use the Steem.
  • Publishers, content traders, media companies in general will use a special Tiki. A kind of publishing house Steem Content Transformer.

Steem und Tiki

Dear Crash Test Dummies On Steem,

  • In the menu “My Tiki” you will find “Notes”. There you can practice editor and plugins, like in a training camp. On the User Homepage you can show what you have learned. Be curious. Your editor is a rocket! You should also be able to produce new pages in it. We have to read if we can’t get any further!
  • BigBlueButton is still not installed. Therefore we need a complete server. In the beginning one Docker-Container is enough. It now costs us 5 Euro per month. The providers are cutthroats and Plesk (Inet-server) takes the whole head. But we can do Skype-like sessions. That’s more federal than writing back and forth.
  • Today (April 2nd) we won a PHP developer for the SW. If he’s smart, he’ll make SteemTiki his project. Then in a few months he will be able to read his name in the computer press. @t3ran13 is with us! His library is now coming into the Tiki. It’s piquant that he’s Russian, which a frog laughs about in the editorial office, because the Russians are accused of many things, especially in IT, which Americans or the German MAD supposedly never does. Now we have to develop into a quick-witted team. Dummys! The air smells strongly of Condenser in our Tiki. It will fall from your eyes like scales when that thing starts stuttering.

Miners don’t wonder.

Vote for Chiller – on Sunday to the pub

@steemchiller @double-u

Steem on!

What is the SteemWiki?

  • It becomes a Condenser, like many other tools, which establish the user contact to the Blockchain Steem.
  • But it is much more.
  • Wikis impart knowledge. The SteemWiki is a collection of knowledge about the Blockchain Steem and related topics.
  • The Tiki is danced by the islanders when they are happy. The Tiki is the personal area of the user. There they do their own thing.
  • The SteemTiki offers beside all its administrative functions, a completely personal Internet presence for each user starting from the status Autor.

In SteemWiki, the media economy is to join the block chain. It will come. We have wonderful authors and they have something to offer.

The project Tiki Wiki is for the Blockchain Steem since the 12th of December 2018 in beta 0.0.1 and therefore only for Steem users invited by the admin-team. You can register, but you won’t be allowed in and the registrations will be deleted from time to time. You don’t believe what comes in there. Registering for Steemians is coming soon and until then we ask all those who are rejected at the door of the project for benevolent patience.

Steem on and goodbye!

Off Topic:

  • The Blockchain Steem lists your copyright. Only original content will appear on the Steem. Foreign material is referenced and so we keep it in SteemWiki as well..

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