Tiki Editor - Tables

The short syntax - one character in two variations:

If the row delimiter is the so called “double pipe”
, which separates rows (
) and maps the beginning and end of a table, then the syntax works like this:
with the following result.

The pipe can be found to upper left (uk) or up to the right, about Enter (us). The character “|” is often interrupted in the middle.

In the first line of this help, the tiki explicitly writes “If” because the row delimiter can also be formed from the character combination
. Then other environmental conditions apply. If the Admnin set the table formation to the \n method, a return becomes a legitimate row delimiter and a double pipe only delimits the table. We can discuss how you want this. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages.

With the current setting, it is mandatory to note that we use the double pipe in the Tiki and therefore a return destroys the table. It is allowed after the end of the table. Tables must be written in a single line of code. This markup is not well suited for complex tables. For this there is the Tiki spreadsheet. With our simple markup method you can quickly and easily play through smaller representations. All you need is the pipe and double pipe. In the markdown of the steem the syntax is similar.

Columns of a row combine

If you want to combine several columns (corresponds to HTML - colspan), simply omit the pipe for the column separator.


Rows within a row column

A finesse still belongs here. What do you do, if e.g. in the second column of row two three values have to be noted down under each other? Multi-line table displays. The expression “new row
is responsible for this. Go for it! Try it out!

Alternative Table - Fancytable
The advantages of the Fancytable are already noticeable when you look at it. The code offers a better overview when writing complex tables. There is also a formatted header. New lines within a table display are also introduced in the Fancytable with
. According to the manual, the fancytable should be sortable. This cannot be seen in our example, which is why the help is not yet ready at this point.

row1-column1 row1-column2 row1-column3
Column1Row2 Column2Row2 Column3Row2
Column1Row3 Column2Row3 Column3Row3
column1row4 column2row4-1
Column1Row5 Column2Row5 Column3Row5
Column1Row6 Column2Row6 Column3Row6

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