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Glad you’re here.

As you can hardly see, not much has happened at TIKI yet. Should a calendar dominate the layout on the entry page of the community, as here at the bottom of the document, or do we not want to find a summary of all new news from the community here? The wiki pioneers will find out! Meanwhile you can find my news for you here. Of course you should have your say. So get it out! What stinks you here? Constructive criticism is the beginning of perfection. Where we can do that, here in the big Tiki Wiki, hopefully somebody will find out soon. That would be the admin of our core forum. Without exaggerating, I think we are working on a killer application for the Steem. It can even be one for the Tiki.


As a new member

of the Community Tiki-Deutsch you surely want to know what there is to do in the Tiki and how it goes on for you personally here. At first you will find yourself in a large, deep toolbox. This is just the thing for you authors and developers. Important for article production, planning and contact with the outside world. The content dealer will also find you here later. But at the beginning you will only ask yourself:

Dieses Doodle funktioniert so:
^{FADE(label="Wie funktioniert dieses Tiki 'Doodle'?" icon="y" bootstrap="y")}
|| Dieses Doodle funktioniert so:%%%{CODE()} {CODE}{CENTER()}Deutsches Goldschmiedehaus, Hanau.%%%{img fileId="11" thumb="box"}{CENTER}||
Deutsches Goldschmiedehaus, Hanau.

The Wiki becomes a frontend for the Steem.
But it will also be the optimal center to evaluate the Steem and not only to present your content in your sense, but as a Miner or Developer, as well as journalists to optimally exploit. You do this with the help of the personal Tiki. “My Tiki” always speaks to the outside world, into the wide world. Promised! Whether this is a blog, a presentation or an author’s page is determined solely by the Tiki user himself. Many things are in the process of being created, most of them purely mental. I am a coin miner, like all of us and we learned to be patient on the fat beta.

The whole Tiki is one big live bot.

He is waiting for resourceful miners. The better you get to know the Tiki, the more intense the relationship with him will become. That’s for sure. We are miners, beat coins out of the steem and if one of us sees what is good for everyone, then everyone also sees what is good for you! The frog gives you the Tiki. What do we need? Super bots, for example. We can put them together soon in SteemWiki from the construction kit, like LEGO. Promise! Therefore every developer of Steem is cordially invited to the Tiki! Here you can write templates, which lie around as bot parts in a directory. If you’re funny, you can write a Bot Merge Library. You have, Ajax, VUE will definitely come to the Steem Wiki as far as it makes sense and there is an occasion. You may well write an article at some point and have a VUE environment at hand. The SteemWiki becomes an omnipotent developer platform and builds itself. Come on in, developers! I call:

The clientele

Publishers will not be there in this first phase yet, but only Steem authors and Steem developers, as well as two very nice companions of the Tiki Coreteam, Marc and Roberto. So you all have time to look around, get used to setting up in your Tiki. Start and don’t freak out on all the features. Maybe get to know the powerful editor first. WYSIWYG is from yesterday! Believe me. We have here a kind of Markdown editor with Tiki syntax and a universe from ((https://doc.tiki.org/All-Plugins|Plugins)). Use the help of search engines and Tiki.org. The pages are in English, but I haven’t invited anyone who doesn’t speak English yet. The German help will be added bit by bit after frog style and tümpe mood. Until it is complete.

Condenser and Tiki functions

Our Tiki Wiki is in alpha state - not beta, like Steemit! We are at the very beginning. You will find here sometime at this place, as well as unannounced visitors on the homepage, a full access to the Steem. We call this tool Condenser. It offers functions, just like Steemit, only a little different, with the focus on Steem-Info and individual processing of your Steem-Contents. Remember, this is the use of two very different databases. On the one hand we have content on the Steem, on the other hand the content should be managed with the Tiki. This will be fun and offers the Tiki users undreamt-of new possibilities in dealing with their Steem content. Evaluations and filtering according to your individual preferences are planned.

We want to offer you functions for Steem authors and for Blockchain content in Condenser. These functions will all be documented in the wiki over time. Everything a SteemWiki beginner needs to know in the Tiki when help is needed. First the knowledge comes to the Tiki editor. It looks lean, but is a functional multi-purpose weapon for every Tiki user!

The Wiki and data backup

The Wiki part of this platform contains our knowledge base. This section will, next to the Condenser, grow first. Still the emphasis is on slow, because your admin is a bloody Tiki beginner and has many other things to do to make it run smoothly. But it will grow. That’s no reason to be afraid or annoyed. You just have to know, even internalize, that at the moment nothing is safe in SteemWiki. So don’t do anything valuable without creating a local backup of the source code of your documents! If the admin reports that a backup of tag X has been installed, you will be asked to reinstall the material you have created in the meantime. Lost documents remain lost unless you re-create them. The admin can’t take care of this, but he tries to keep the losses small. With your local backup such a mishap shouldn’t be a problem. You don’t write a new wiki article every hour.

In the beginning it will happen very often that a backup from the day before has to be used to restore the Tiki. Nobody deletes your works intentionally and without reason. Sometimes it really has to be. So please, if you still want to have fun here, save the current source code from your documents locally too! in the next weeks the restore from the day before or even an older backup may occur more often than you might like! So - save everything in any case again on your computer in a text file. We cannot guarantee the security of your documents yet.


The Tiki is your private area where you will find a lavishly filled toolbox. Spreadsheet, calendar, etc… The complete groupware. There you collect your articles, create your own blogs and forums, if you like, and decide who is allowed to see it and who is not. This is where you later create your own Steem queries. What you do in the Tiki section is nobody’s business unless you have published a document.


In the section all articles for the portal and from the portal come in. Nobody should publish there unsolicited. It also works quite strangely. I still have to administer it. The same applies to all other menu items in the main menu where you can create documents. Everything that is not under “My Tiki”, or under the Wiki part, you should not consider for your own documents or plans. This is pure SteemWiki stuff. Reserved to the editors of the wiki yet to be named.

Research and stay curious

The Tiki of SteemWiki is still in a somewhat untidy condition and some things could run better. Please be indulgent, always curious and see what you can do in SteemWiki. This becomes more and more great in the course of time!


In addition, you can suggest activities for the community throughout the year that may last more than a day if needed (add a date and drag & drop events to the full calendar below). See the shared agenda below. You can also view the activities as a resource view.
We’ll get to know the Tiki itself first. So don’t expect too much for starters and live with surprises.

Thank you for becoming a registered member of our community

As a member of the community, you will be able to attend to a Welcome Barbecue. You can choose your preferred date below, and the winning choice among the last new members will be the date of the event.

In addition, you can propose activities for the Community along the year, lasting more than one day if needed (add a date, and drag & extend events in the full calendar shown below). See the Common Agenda below. You can also display the activities as a resource view.

1.1. Choose date for the Welcome Barbecue


2012-06-09 10:002012-06-10 10:002012-06-16 10:00

1.2. Ideas for the BBQ

1.2.1. Propose type of ingredients for the meal

Vegetarian Food
Accept Undecided Reject
4 1 1
  • John
  • Mary
  • Steve
  • admin
  • Sue
  • Trevor

Vegan Food
Accept Undecided Reject
1 4 1
  • John
  • Mary
  • Sue
  • Steve
  • admin
  • Trevor

Accept Undecided Reject
3 1 1
  • John
  • Mary
  • Steve
  • Sue
  • Trevor

Accept Undecided Reject
1 2 2
  • Mary
  • Sue
  • Trevor
  • John
  • Steve

1.3. Add other tentative events in the common Agenda

{TABS(name=”Tracker-as-Calendar-Tabs” tabs=”Manage items|Add items” toggle=”y” inside_pretty=”n”)}

Display tracker items in a calendar or resource view

Display tracker items in a calendar or resource view, using TrackerCalendar: http://doc.tiki.org/PluginTrackerCalendar

Filter upcoming events




Image Add event

Show all events (including closed)


Add events to the common agenda

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