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Please open a new Tab and look at the home page. What do you think we can do to make the landing page of SteemWiki more attractive.
I think the landing page is too crowdy 1 100.00% <->

How about the founders. Do you know who they are? Is it important that you are recognized as a SteemWiki contributor when you participate in a discussion. If yes, how can we award you credit? If not, then, what is the reason for you to become a member?
Yes, I think we should know who is who 1 100.00% <->

In you own opinion, what is missing on the landing page of SteemWiki.org?
What is it you would remove?
I woud remove what doesn’t work. Per example the john doe pic. It gives the impression the site is unfinished. 1 100.00% <->

Language: Right now, two languages are avaialble: English and Deutsh.
Is this OK with you?
What other language would you add if you had the choice?
How about removing any options and make this web site only in English?
I don't know 1 100.00% <->

Tell us about yourself
I’m testing this survey functionality. You can see my user page here. 1 100.00% <->

On a scale of 1 to 10. 10 being the highest, how would you score this web site?
Votes: 1
Average: 5.00/10


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